Who we are

Global FinTech

Many of the world's leading hedge funds, investment banks, and real money asset managers trust us to provide them with macroeconomic research and data services.

Research Services Team

Philip Rush

Founder & Chief Economist

Philip Rush is the Founder of Heteronomics, with 15 years of Macro Research experience across Nomura, Barclays and Lehman Brothers. A book on his fundamental framework was published as "Real Market Economics".

Alastair Newton

Political Analyst

Alastair Newton is the co-founder and director of Alavan. He was the Senior Political Analyst at Nomura and Lehman Brothers for a decade, after over 20 years in the UK foreign office.

Quentin Wray

Writer and Editor

Over more than 20 years in journalism, Quentin has reported on fiscal, monetary and trade policy, edited South Africa’s largest business newspaper, and managed a large digital news operation.

Data Services Team

Nik Sarychev

Software Developer

Nik drives technical developments across the full stack at Heteronomics. Model deployments, data management, integrations and more are all kept running smoothly on Nik's watch.

Marcela Cevallos

Data Scientist

Master in Econometrics and informatics, specialising in Data Science. Six years of experience in Ecuador’s policy institutions.


DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

Steamhaus is our cloud and DevOps consultancy partner. They also ensure our services run reliably on Amazon Web Services through their 24/7 SRE service.

Saeed Amen


Saeed is the Founder of Cuemacro, and our advisor on data engineering matters. He is also a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary University of London with over 15 years of experience.

Laurent Bilke


Laurent is the CEO and Head of Research at Alternative Macro Signals. We’ve employed his 20yr+ experience of analysing European inflation to refine our models of the data and to produce Robo-written text.