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Economics & Data Services

Heteronomics covers economic developments in the UK, Euro area and Nordic regions. All of our analysis is built from data and forecasts, which we transparently share with our clients. Insightful written research is punctuated by our weekly decomposition of what the news really means for the outlook and a monthly that directly addresses where and why we differ from the market. Clients can also access bespoke answers to their questions with direct access to our team and large-scale models, typically at no additional charge.

Model Lease

focus on themes, not infrastructure

  • Lease the best models for less than building in house
  • Accurate, detailed forecasts with custom signals
  • Maintained to incorporate new data and shocks
  • Overlay your views on our baseline or simulate scenarios
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure integrates with yours

Robo-written research

rapid insightful analysis

  • Leverage our platform to cover economic releases
  • Our models identify the source and implications of news
  • Robo-written text and visualisations explain the event
  • Research distributed in your branding or ours
  • Interactive visuals are also available online

Insightful and thought provoking research

Rob Verrillo
CEO ConneXXion Markets