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Feed your engagement now with reliable macro research on tap

Building a research franchise is an expensive distraction

  • You need client engagement and there are few ways to raise it
  • A research cost centre can destroy your ROE
  • The team is expensive and may not perform
  • It could take years to gauge traction
  • You don’t have time for the distracting side-hustle

There is a better way

  • Start your engaging content now

  • Run with a low cost-base

  • Prosper by sharing reliable research

  • Maintain full flexibility

  • Stay focused on your core business

Reliably cover all economic events

  • Automated to run at mechanical speeds beyond human capabilities

  • Sharing quantitative truths, without any subjective bias

  • Comprehensive analysis of economic data releases around the world

  • Research distributed in your branding or ours

  • Interactive visualisations

Importance Region Release Date Time Period Previous Outcome

Live feeds optimised to your needs

  • All global news available within 30 minutes

  • Revisit relevant topics from the past three months

  • Coverage optimised to fit your needs

  • Filter by language, the source or sentiment

Sample aggregate monetary policy feed

Language filter

   You can easily start engaging with your research

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2. Requirements – we’ll discuss what content is best suited to your requirements

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When we produce your research

Consistent and reliable content of an entire team for less than a single hire.

  • Tap into our engaging content now

  • Broad coverage without the team or infrastructure

  • Flexibility to rescale your requirements

  • 24/7 support from our Site Reliability Engineering team

  • Stay focused on your core business

  • Discounts on the best complementary services elsewhere

Your free trial will last until you start sharing your new research content. That is our personal service guarantee to you, so you know you won’t pay for something that doesn’t deliver what you need.

And if you’re ever not happy with our service for any reason, then we won’t be happy until we’ve got it right. Simply let us know what we need to fix, and your next month is on us, guaranteed.