July 19, 2022

Bailey - Bringing inflation back to the 2% target, no ifs no buts

Andrew Bailey talks about the impact of four recent shocks on our economy. These shocks have pushed inflation up, he says, but we will set monetary policy to bring it back down to our target. 

July 18, 2022

Saunders - Some reflections on Monetary Policy past, present and future

Michael Saunders is near the end of his term on the committee responsible for setting interest rates. In this speech, he reflects on his experience. Then he looks at the effect of demographic changes on the jobs market and gives his view on interest rates.

July 12, 2022

Cunliffe - Some lessons from the Crypto Winter

Jon Cunliffe sets out what he thinks are the lessons from the recent instability and losses in crypto markets – also called the ‘crypto winter’. He discusses how:

• technology cannot remove all financial risks

• regulators should continue and speed up their work

• future regulation should be designed on the principle of ‘same risk, same regulation’

• appropriate regulation will support innovation