February 14, 2024

Argentina CPI Inflation 20.6% m-o-m (consensus 21.0%) in Jan-24

- Argentina's CPI inflation in January 2024 increased by 20.6% month-on-month, slightly below the consensus estimate of 21.0%.
- The current inflation rate is slower than last month yet significantly higher than the one-year average, indicating sustained inflationary pressures.

January 11, 2024

Argentina CPI Inflation 25.5% m-o-m (consensus 28.0%) in Dec-23

- Argentina's CPI inflation for December 2023 increased by 25.5% on a monthly basis, slightly below market expectations but still extremely high.
- The inflation rate for December 2023 was significantly higher than both the 1-year average by 15.46 pp and the long-run average by 17.62 pp, suggesting persistent inflationary challenges for the Argentine economy.

December 15, 2023

Argentina GDP Growth -0.8% y-o-y (consensus -0.7%) in Q3-23

- Argentina's GDP growth recorded a decline of 0.8% year-on-year in Q3-23, showing a substantial improvement from the previous quarter's contraction of 5.0%.
- Despite this improvement, the growth rate remains slightly below the one-year average and the long-run average, indicating ongoing challenges for the Argentine economy.

December 14, 2023

Argentina CPI Inflation 12.8% m-o-m (consensus 11.8%) in Nov-23

- Argentina's November 2023 CPI inflation rate of 12.8% comfortably exceeded expectations of 11.8% while indicating a significant acceleration from the previous month's rate of 8.3%.
- The inflation rate in November was 4.46 percentage points higher than the one-year average and 6.93 percentage points above the long-run average, highlighting the intensity and potential structural nature of inflationary pressures in Argentina.