August 06, 2023

Qatar PMI 54.0 in Jul-23

- Qatar's PMI for July 2023 stands at 54.0, indicating a solid expansion in the country's private sector and a positive trajectory for its economic recovery.
- The July PMI is significantly higher than the one-year average, reflecting improved economic conditions and a strengthening performance of Qatar's private sector.

July 10, 2023
2023-07-10 AN_head.png

Opec: Is The End (Finally) Nigh?

  • Historically, forecasts of Opec’s imminent demise have proved well wide of the mark. However, keeping the cartel together as we enter an era of permanently declining demand for oil may prove much more challenging.

By Alastair Newton

July 04, 2023

Qatar PMI 53.8 in Jun-23

- The Qatar PMI for June 2023 stood at 53.8, indicating expansion in the Qatari economy, although it recorded a slight deceleration in growth compared to the previous month.
- Despite the monthly decline, the PMI reading remains relatively strong compared to the one-year average, reflecting the resilience and stability of the Qatari economy.

July 04, 2023

Qatar CPI inflation 2.49% y-o-y in Jun-23

- Qatar's CPI inflation rate in June 2023 stood at 2.49%, marking a decline from the previous month and the lowest growth since May 2021.
- The current inflation rate is 1.16 percentage points higher than the long-run average, indicating higher price growth historically, while being 1.94 percentage points below the one-year average, reflecting a slowdown in price growth.